League European Championship

January 15th, 2022


(-186) Rogue v Misfits (+145)

(+106) BDS Esports v Excel Esports (-138)

(+275) SK Gaming v MAD Lions (-400)

(-385) G2 Esports v Astralis (+265)

(+115) Team Vitality v Fnatic (-150)


Europe has officially started! Teams like G2 Esports and FNC performed to our expectations while the biggest news is the shaky start from Team Vitality. Players like BrokenBlade and Comp had huge days while players like xMatty and Perkz couldn’t stay alive long enough to help their teams. There are some really exciting matchups on Saturday, but what players do we pick up? Let’s dive in! 


Game #1: Rogue v Misfits

Cann’s Pick: Rogue  


Game #2: BDS Esports v Excel Esports

Cann’s Pick: Excel Esports


Game #3: SK...