Worlds Group Stage Day 3

Royal Never Give Up v Hanwha Life Esports

Mad Lions v LNG

Rogue v Fun Plus Phoenix

Fnatic v Paris Saints Germain

Team Liquid v Gen.G

Damwon Kia v Cloud9 

Edward Gaming v Detonation FocusMe

T1 v 100Thieves

Worlds continues to impress with several great matchups on day 2 that highlighted the depth of several regions. While the LCS and LEC have fallen behind, the LCK and LPL continue to shine bright on the international stage.


Viper ($12,600)

We all love the underdog, but DFM has been downright awful in the group stage so far. From poor drafts to teamplay, DFM has been outclassed in groups so far. Viper has been his excellent ADC self and might have the best game of the tournament (so far) against DFM. 

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