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Hopefully, you are getting ready for your draft.  The most important things to know when drafting seasonal fantasy basketball are the roles of the players, playing time, usage within the system and pace of their teams’ play.  We bake all that into the Ultimate Fantasy Basketball Cheat Sheet.

For daily players, we will cover you with podcasts & videos plus deep analytical articles and customizable tools including the only Lineup Generator that integrates analysts’ editorial in the decision making on creating winning lineups.

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The most important thing about FANation is that we are here for you.  We have experts in DISCORD to answer any questions you have about your DFS decisions.  It is for members only so you get direct attention constantly.

.Our experts will answer all of the questions you have about your seasonal teams or the DFS slates. It is for members only, so you get direct attention constantly.

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You can access our NBA features as they come out from our NBA Homepage. Below are all the features that we have for both Daily and for Seasonal Players for NBA in 2021/2022.   

NBA DFS Coverage Schedule 

SlatePlaybookCore PlaysPodcast(M-F)Starting 5 VideoValue Play Article
1-2 GamesNoYesNoNoNo
3+ GamesYesYesYesYesYes

The Ultimate Cheat Sheet

Don’t get caught without the easiest way to draft seasonal leagues for any sport, The Fantasy Alarm Ultimate Cheat Sheet.  Our basketball version has complete online projections and a pdf that includes complete rankings by position, a grid with auction values and round-by-round tiers for over 200 players, rookies, sleepers, busts with full analysis and not just lists plus access to our experts in LIVE Chat on our site as we described above.

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Daily DFS Podcast

Tune in each day for the NBA DFS Podcast as Jon Impemba & James Grande give you a position by position breakdown of that day's main slate.

DFS Playbook 

Our Award-Winning DFS Playbook offers a complete position by position breakdown of the players you should be using to build your lineups around for the main slate. Use the Playbook Only feature within the Lineup Generator to build lineups using ONLY players from that days NBA DFS Playbook.

Core Plays

In prior seasons as part of our DFS package, we have provided Example Lineups based off playbook recommendations for each slate. The idea behind providing these lineups was not for you to plug and play but to give you an idea about the kind of lineup that you can create by using all of the content, tools and projections that have been produced throughout the day by our NBA DFS analysts. This season we are planning to change things up and we are putting the lineup construction more into your hands. But don’t worry, we have something new to help guide you in your builds and something, we believe, will help you be an even better DFS player in the long run.

The idea around the Core Plays is to provide you with a set of core players at varying price points at each position. Yes, we have the Playbook and yes, in the Playbook we do an expansive slate overview of each position. But the Core Plays is going to give you our must-haves for your lineup construction. If, when building your lineups, you need to fit a mid-priced shooting guard, the Core Plays is giving you our core-play for that position. The Core Plays will also have a brief write-up regarding roster construction recommendations for the night, explaining such ideas as where maybe it's best to spend or a position where there is a lot of depth. The Core Plays, when used with the Playbook, Starting Five and Value Vault content, along with our excellent Lineup Generator, should not only make creating lineups much easier, but help you become a more successful NBA DFS player.

Starting Five

Daily DFS video breaking down the top five players at each position to build your lineups around based off matchup, value and projections for that nights main slate. 

Value Vault

Favorite value plays for DraftKings, FanDuel and Yahoo to build your lineups around to help you pay of for the day's top plays.

Showdown Playbook

Complete breakdown of the main showdown slate each night which includes analysis and core plays to build your lineups around.

Lineup Generator

This is an absolute must when building your lineups this season. The Lineup Generator uses our player projections and tools for DraftKings, FanDuel and Yahoo to help you generate winning lineups. The Lineup Generator is incredibly customizable and allows you to customize the player pools, matchups and projections as you see fit including the "Playbook Only" option which allows you to generate lineups using ONLY the players from the NBA DFS Playbook that day. Every tool makes it easy for you to see your favorite sites and do the research to make you win.

For more on how to use this tool, click here for an Instructional video for the NFL Generator.

Features & Tools

Our daily fantasy sports content is baked into our tools which is not possible from a blog site or an older site that does not have leading edge technology.  Here is what to expect in basketball for the 2021-2022 season.

Daily Lineups – You can see projections, advanced metrics, splits, Last 5 Games in DFS Scoring systems, DFS prices with Value meter, Year-to-Date stats and even see real-time stats fill in during the games.  It contains Vegas information, inactives and practice reporting plus all the info you need to use this as your research page and scoreboard.

DFS Rankings – Deep weekly VALUE rankings for each position for daily fantasy sports play with

Coaches Dashboard – Your Coaches dashboard with in-depth information about the matchups, complete salaries, and everything you need to scout the players for daily fantasy sports or for your weekly lineups in seasonal games. Our analysts review the positional data and include their editorial insights in the day’s video or in editorial on the top of the data tables.

Daily & Seasonal Projections – Complete sortable projections with scoring systems, salaries and values attached. 

Seasonal & Weekly Rankings – Pre-season and weekly rankings by position.

Injury Reports – Updated throughout the week as injuries occur to give you the most complete analysis.

Waiver Wire Column – Starting on Sunday and constantly updated throughout the week, Justin Fensterman gives you top players to add off your leagues waiver wire.

Sortable Stats - Complete REAL-TIME & Seasonal sortable stats including deep stats in a sortable way.  For DFS, we add salaries, projected points and the value of those points.

Points Allowed by Position – All positions broken down in all scoring systems.

Vegas Odds Page – All the Vegas info that you need to make decisions.  This information is layered into the other products.

Drafted Projections – UFCollective projects the draft percentage for each player in big tournaments on FanDuel & DraftKings. This information in sortable form is a great way to get global information and additionally, the information is for our subscribers on all DFS features that it augments.

Finally, all of us love to hear from FANation. If you ever need a lineup question answered feel free to find us on twitter, Jon Impemba: @jimpemba777, James Grande: @the_real_grande, Adam Ronis: @Adamronis, Justin Fensterman: @fenstysports & Ray Kuhn: @Ray_Kuhn_28 Also, If you ever need anything from our staff, our support email will be answered by one of the founders since we think you are that important.  Just write to

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