Welcome to the newly launched PrizePicks LoL DFS article provided by Fantasy Alarm! In this article I will provide 2-3 of my favorite prop bets from the PrizePick LoL Projections posted on their app!

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Santorin (TL: Jungle) 10.5 kills - UNDER

I had to look at this line multiple times to make sure I wasn’t seeing incorrectly. This feels like a wildly high line for a jungler, especially one with Santorin. To fully understand this under, you have to look at Santorin’s track record. He is the player on a team who will play the tank/utility champions and carry his team through clutch engages in key teamfights. He is known for his Trundle, Sejuani, and Gragas play. Could he have a standout game on a pick like Viego? Sure. But it feels really unlikely against Inspired and the rest of EG. 

Bwipo (TL: Top) 7.5 kills - OVER

As much as the Santorin under seemed like a slam dunk, the Bwipo over feels the same way. Bwipo is admittedly a volatile player, but he has high production games. To hit 8 kills in three games would really take one stand-out game by the European top laner. With how Team Liquid like drafting him into aggressive lanes, Bwipo should have more than enough opportunities to hit his kill count.