Saturday’s matches look a little different because we are getting to see the three team group duke it out. Each team will face each other twice and there are ways for multiple different final finishes based on how the games play out. G2 Esports looks to be the strongest team in the group by a significant amount. The Evil Geniuses have shown that they can consistently take care of the minor region team (Order), which feels like a possible step in the right direction for the LCS. Will the current trajections continue? Or will one of the lower teams take a jump in the group standings? Let’s dive in!


League of Legends Mid-Season Invitational 


(+190) Evil Geniuses v G2 Esports (-250)

(+600) Order v Evil Geniuses (-1100)

(+850) Order v G2 Esports (-1600)

(-250) G2 Esports v Evil Geniuses (+185)

(+575) Order v Evil Geniuses (-1000)

(+800) Order v G2 Esports (-1600)

LoL DFS Fantasy Value Breakdown

Team #1: G2 Esports

Team Breakdown: This feels like the tournament that I have seen since 2019 when a non-eastern team has a legit chance to hoist an international trophy. G2 has three of the top five players in terms of kills (Flakked, Caps, and BrokenBlade) which means you can expect some really high prices for these players. When deciding which G2 players to pick up, look for the largest gaps between the G2 player and his opponents. I think a really high priority has to be G2’s carry top laner, BrokenBlade. He has high performance stats and can be a legit pick for your captain role. Another piece that may come a bit as a discount based on his specific role is Targamas. He will be overcosted as a support, but you can save money overall by putting that money towards better players in impact roles. I can see G2 possibly dropping one game on Saturday, but they should easily lock this group away. 

Favorite Picks: BrokenBlade ($10,200/$6,800), Flakked ($11,700/$7,800), G2 Esports ($5,000) 

Value Picks: Targamas ($6,000)

Cann’s Final Prediction: First in group (7-1)  

Team  #2: Evil Geniuses 

Team Breakdown: The LCS Spring Split Champions have looked serviceable but a little out of their comfort zone thus far at MSI. In the LCS playoffs, aggressive ADC champions like Zeri allowed Danny to carry the team. This tournament has seen more passive/utility champions be the strongest options with picks like Jhin and Ezreal being at the top. Danny has had less of an impact and in their games against G2, jojopyun has been shown his inexperience by the European superstar Caps. I would look to Inspired (jungler) to be the key reason G2 drops a game to the Evil Geniuses on Saturday. 

Favorite Picks: Danny ($11,400/$7,600), Inspired ($7,000)

Value Picks: jojopyun ($7,200), Evil Geniuses ($4,600)

Cann’s Final Prediction: Second in group (5-3) 

Team  #3: Order

Team Breakdown: I noted it earlier this week but it is worth restating, Order is just completely outclassed here. A lot of that is because Riot officially stopped supporting their pro scene a few years ago and granted residency for OCE players to NA. So when your best players funnel out of the region to play elsewhere, it is difficult to find competitive lineups to produce on the international stage. Kisee has had some glimmers of hope in the early goings of this tournament, but that really only means that he may be closer to moving to the LCS rather than helping Order get to the Rumble Round.  

Value Picks: Kisee ($6,600)

Cann’s Match Pick: 3rd in group (0-8) 


Cann’s Example Lineup

DraftKings Classic - $50,000 Salary Cap


Captain (x1.5): BrokenBlade (G2: $10,200)

Alternate: jojopyun (EG: $10,800)

Top:  Impact (EG: $6,600)

Jungle: Inspired (EG: $7,000)

Alternate: Jankos (G2: $7,200)

Mid: Caps (G2: $7,600)

ADC: Danny (EG: $7,600)

Support: Targamas (G2: $6,000)

Team: G2 Esports ($5,000)


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