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ENCE (World rank: #3) vs. Eternal Fire (World rank: #25) – 9:00 A.M. ET

Moneyline Odds: ENCE (-415) | Eternal Fire (+315)

Map Handicap: ENCE -1.5 (-120) | Eternal Fire +1.5 (Even)

This is an online best-of-three series for Roobet Cup 2022 - Group C
ENCE - Rating at event: N/A
ENCE - Rating past three months: Spinx 1.15 | dycha 1.09 | hades 1.05 | Maden 1.03 | Snappi 0.98
Eternal Fire - Rating at event: N/A 
Eternal Fire - Rating past three months: XANTARES 1.23 | woxic 1.12 | xfl0ud 1.04 | Calyx 1.01 | imoRR 1.01

H2H Data:

These rosters have never faced each other.

Prediction/Narrative: ENCE wins 2-0.
ENCE are the second highest-rated team at this event, and they certainly have a good chance to win the entire tournament. They didn't look great when we last saw them at BLAST Premier Spring Final 2022, but they have still been in excellent form in the past three months with a 39-21 W/L record across 60 maps played. ENCE have a strong map pool with a 9-1 W/L record on Ancient, 11-3 W/L record on Nuke, 6-3 W/L record on Vertigo, and a 9-5 W/L record on Mirage during that time. Overpass has been somewhat of a weak spot for ENCE having lost five of their last six, but they have played a tough group of opponents including Astralis, NiP, Vitality, and Heroic twice. Eternal Fire should ban Ancient to start, which takes away one of ENCE's best maps at the moment, but there isn't a map that Eternal Fire would feel comfortable on this spot. Their most played map is Nuke, but ENCE are one of the best Nuke teams in the world. Overpass may make sense as a punish pick, though I think ENCE are due for a win on that map based on their difficult schedule. Eternal Fire have talented aimers on their team, but I just don't see an opening for them here, and I expect ENCE to dominate. 

- hades leads ENCE in the past month with a 1.04 Rating and 1.02 K/D ratio across six maps played with this lineup.
- Maden leads ENCE with 0.13 opening kills per round during that time.

Favorite Draftkings Plays (In order of priority): 
Maden ($6,800) | hades ($8,000) | Spinx ($9,800) | dycha ($8,800) | Snappi ($6,000) | XANTARES ($7,000) | imoRR ($4,400)


MOUZ (World rank: #17) vs. Imperial (World rank: #15) – 1:00 P.M. ET

Moneyline Odds: MOUZ (-205) | Imperial (+165)

Map Handicap: MOUZ -1.5 (+150) | Imperial +1.5 (-185)

This is an online best-of-three series for Roobet Cup 2022 - Group C
MOUZ - Rating at event: N/A
MOUZ - Rating past three months: frozen 1.17 | torzsi 1.17 | Bymas 1.04 | JDC 0.99 | dexter 0.98
Imperial - Rating at event: N/A
Imperial - Rating past three months: fer 1.16 | boltz 1.12 | FalleN 1.07 | VINI 1.04 | fnx 0.90

H2H Data:

These rosters have never faced each other.

Prediction/Narrative: Imperial wins 2-1.
Imperial have been on a downwards trend since their run at the Major with a 4-13 W/L record across their last 17 maps played. I've been fading them every step of the way, however, this is a winnable match-up for them and they are a sizable underdog, so I finally have interest in the Brazilians. Last time we saw MOUZ play, they lost against NiP, who were playing with ztr as a stand-in for hampus. MOUZ have gotten some respectable wins so far with their lineup, but they have also lost two best-of-threes against Sprout in the past month, and I don't have much confidence in them as a (-205) favorite. MOUZ have been spectacular on Ancient with an undefeated 9-0 record, but we can expect Imperial to ban that map right away. From there, the rest of the map pool seems like it could go either way, and I'd prefer to back Imperial at cheaper pricing. This should be a close series since neither team has a huge advantage in terms of the map pool with Ancient out of the way. 

- boltz leads Imperial in the past month witha  1.05 K/D ratio across 16 maps played.
- fer leads Imperial with 0.14 opening kills per round during that time.

Favorite Draftkings Plays (In order of priority): 
fer ($7,800) | boltz ($7,000) | FalleN ($6,200) | Bymas ($7,400) | VINI ($5,400) | torzsi ($9,000) | frozen ($8,200)

FURIA (World rank: #7) vs. 9z (World rank: #52) – 1:00 P.M. ET

Moneyline Odds: FURIA (-855) | 9z (+585)

Map Handicap: FURIA -1.5 (-195) | 9z +1.5 (+160)

This is an online best-of-three series for Roobet Cup 2022 - Group D
FURIA - Rating at event: N/A
FURIA - Rating past three months: yuurih 1.23 | KSCERATO 1.12 | arT 1.02 | saffee 1.02 | drop 1.02
9z - Rating at event: N/A
9z - Rating past three months: dgt 1.27 | nqz 1.27 | max 1.04 | dav1d 0.98 | rox 0.85

H2H Data:

These rosters have never faced each other. 9z was playing with Luken in their lineup instead of nqz when these teams met in February. FURIA won that series 2-1 (7-16 Mirage / 16-13 Ancient / 16-11 Nuke) and dgt led the server with a 1.42 Rating across three maps despite the loss.

Prediction/Narrative: FURIA wins 2-0.
FURIA are the biggest favorite on the slate, and they are the fourth highest-ranked team at the event, while 9z are the lowest-ranked team, so it makes sense to see this series with lopsided odds. 9z also just added 17-year-old nqz to their lineup to replace Luken, and this will be the first time we see this roster in action. Nqz is a talented young player, but I am not expecting much from him and his team at this point. FURIA have been playing well with a 22-16 W/L record across 38 maps played in the past three months, and saffee & drop have proven themselves as valuable pieces for the Brazilians. FURIA have never dropped a map to a team outside of the top 50 rankings with this lineup, and I expect them to make quick work of 9z here.

- yuurih leads FURIA with a 1.17 K/D ratio across 11 maps played in the past month.
- arT leads FURIA with 0.12 opening kills per round during that time.

Favorite Draftkings Plays (In order of priority): 
arT ($7,200) | yuurih ($10,200) | saffee ($8,400) | KSCERATO ($9,400) | drop ($6,600) | dgt ($5,800)

*Favorite Stacks: FURIA, ENCE, Imperial

*Favorite Captains: yuurih, hades, fer, saffee, Spinx, KSCERATO, dycha, torzsi

*Favorite Value: arT, Maden, boltz, Snappi, FalleN, drop, Bymas, VINI, XANTARES, dgt, imoRR