Darlington. The Lady in Black. The track Too Tough To Tame. Those names indicate just how tough of a track Darlington is to conquer and wind up in victory lane. For DFS, it can be equally as tricky to sort out. However, there are a some very good strategies for building lines that we can use for the Goodyear 400.

Darlington DFS Strategy

We explored quite a bit of strategy tips in the track breakdown this week and following practice and qualifying, most of those hold true. We’ve seen balanced builds tend to win out here rather than stars and scrubs. That should be the case again this week given how qualifying turned out and whose starting in the back. This is also a track where passing can happen, especially with the new package on the cars, in the last five races here, there’s been an average of 5.5 double-digit place differential plays. We’ve also seen two drivers lead more than 100 laps in two of the last three races here as well. What does all this mean for this weekend’s Goodyear 400? We’re going to be sticking to builds similar to what the Average Points by Starting Spot charts show down below. There are a few drivers in each group of 10 spots on the grid that post above average points and piecing together a build that achieves laps led and PD is how we’re approaching this week.

Average Points by Starting Spots

These charts show the average points for each DFS site over the last five races at Darlington. It’s not meant to be a hard-and-fast rule for setting builds but to show the strategy for building the lineups.



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