The UFC continues to clear contracts with these Fight Night cards and less sexy names. There's a diamond or two in the rough, though. We'll at least get to see some young fighters with potential. They could put on surprise performances. 


MMA DFS Playbook:

Main Event
Rob Font vs Marlon Vera8300/7900-Stackability: Moderate-125/ +105+380/+275
This is a very exciting fight despite Font missing weight. He'll need to contend with Vera's grappling strength so that may actually be a plus for him. Font has the inside track as a much cleaner boxer and smarter fighter. Vera is a junkyard dog and often has to overcome a slow start. That all adds up to a fun finish. It's a solid stack given Font not being a big finisher and Vera starting slow.
Alexandr Romanov9600Chase ShermanSomewhat-Safe-220-650
Romanov is in an obvious smash spot. Sherman was just cut but brought back for this short notice spot. He also can't wrestle.
Andre Fili9300Joanderson BritoSomewhat-Safe-250+150
Fili is a better bet than DK play. He's super well-rounded but not elite at anything. He would need a surprise head kick or submission finish to be useful.
Tatsuro Taira9200Carlos CandelarioSomewhat-Safe-240+130
The undefeated Japanese prospect has a lot to prove. His control makes this a tough task for Candelario. Betting prospect debutants at chalk prices is a losing proposition, however.
Natan Levy9000Mike BreedenModerate-200+240
The matchmakers are looking to get Levy a rebound from his debut loss. He'd have to find another gear to be a DK value. So another case of good bet, bad stats.
Grant Dawson8700Jared GordonModerate-180+240
Dawson is very talented but has been struggling with cardio. Gordon uses cardio as a weapon at the expense of his chin sometimes. Dawson is very capable of exposing that chin but if he doesn't he's in trouble.
Krzysztof Jotko8800Gerald MeerschaertModerate-180+215
Jotko's control style is a nightmare matchup for GM3, who depends on opponents getting tired and making mistakes. That style also doesn't result in big DK scores, however.
Gina Mazany8900Shanna YoungSomewhat-Risky-190+200
The UFC is giving Mazany a thank you fight. That doesn't guarantee victory, though. If she can out-wrestle opponents she cruises. If not, look out.
Darren Elkins8600Tristan ConnellySomewhat-Risky-165+275
Elkins continues to trade brain damage for paychecks. The man gets hit far too easily but uses his immense heart to find ways to win. That's getting continually harder, however.
Gabe Green8500Yohan LainesseSomewhat-Risky-135+165
If we knew Green was fully dedicated to MMA I'd feel better about him as the favorite. He's tough and has a couple tools. That's not a lock for victory, though.
Daniel Da Silva8200Francisco FigueiredoSomewhat-Risky  
Da Silva had the misfortune of debuting against Jeff Molina. That was a terrible stylistic match up for him. This is a much more winnable fight for someone that had some hype as a finisher coming into that debut.
Francisco Figueiredo8000Daniel Da SilvaRisky  
The other Figgy brother relies on grit mostly. We saw Da Silva break in his debut. That's liable to happen again.
Jared Gordon7500Grant DawsonSomewhat-Risky+155+600
Excellent matchmaking here. Dawson needs to show cardio isn't a problem for him and Gordon can only win with cardio. If Gordon's chin holds up he's going to look strong as the fight goes on.
Tristan Connelly7600Darren ElkinsSomewhat-Risky+145+450
I'd be much more interested in Connelly if he hadn't been dealing with a neck injury prior to his last fight. He's a good bet not to overextend trying to put Elkins away the way many of Elkins victims have done. If he does fight smart, Elkins is a sitting duck and completely shop worn.
Yohan Lainesse7700Gabe GreenRisky+115+165
Lainesse is a decent prospect. Green's a journeyman with toughness. It's a typical prove you belong fight.
Gerald Meerschaert7400Krzysztof JotkoRisky+155+250
GM3 has made a career of winning fights he's losing. The man has huge heart and slick BJJ when opponents get tired. He's never a bad dog play.
Jake Collier7800Andrei ArlovskiRisky+105+275
Maybe Collier can be one of the rare young heavyweights that doesn't let Arlovski hypnotize him.
Carlos Candelario7000Tatsuro TairaRisky+195+500
When two prospects debut against each other there is often a surprise for how competitive the underdog is. A Japanese prospect isn't exactly a lock either.
Mike Breeden7200Natan LevyRisky+170+450
If Levy isn't all he's cracked up to be this is a steep discount on a close fight.
Shanna Young7300Gina MazanyRisky+160+500
I mean, it is women's MMA. Underdogs hit at a pretty high rate.

Example Lineup:


Live Dogs: 

Vera, Gordon, Connelly, Meerschart


Stats & Picks: 

Rob FontvsMarlon Vera
$8,300DFS Salary$7,900
Record: 19-5-0RecordRecord: 18-7-1
-125Vegas Odds+105
7/10Lineup Pool4/10
Andrei ArlovskivsJake Collier
$8,400DFS Salary$7,800
Record: 33-20-0 (2 NC)RecordRecord: 13-6-0
-125Vegas Odds+105
4/10Lineup Pool4/10
Andre FilivsJoanderson Brito
$9,300DFS Salary$6,900
Record: 21-8-0 (1 NC)RecordRecord: 12-3-1
-250Vegas Odds+200
5/10Lineup Pool3/10
Jared GordonvsGrant Dawson
$7,500DFS Salary$8,700
Record: 18-4-0RecordRecord: 17-1-1
+155Vegas Odds-180
5/10Lineup Pool5/10
Darren ElkinsvsTristan Connelly
$8,600DFS Salary$7,600
Record: 27-10-0RecordRecord: 14-7-0
-165Vegas Odds+145
4/10Lineup Pool25/10
Krzysztof JotkovsGerald Meerschaert
$8,800DFS Salary$7,400
Record: 23-5-0RecordRecord: 34-14-0
-180Vegas Odds+155
4/10Lineup Pool4/10
Alexandr RomanovvsChase Sherman
$9,600DFS Salary$6,600
Record: 15-0-0RecordRecord: 15-9-0
-220Vegas Odds+110
8/10Lineup Pool2/10
Daniel Da SilvavsFrancisco Figueiredo
$8,200DFS Salary$8,000
Record: 11-2-0RecordRecord: 12-4-1 (1 NC)
 Vegas Odds 
5/10Lineup Pool5/10
Gabe GreenvsYohan Lainesse
$8,500DFS Salary$7,700
Record: 10-3-0RecordRecord: 8-0-0
-135Vegas Odds+115
4/10Lineup Pool4/10
Natan LevyvsMike Breeden
$9,000DFS Salary$7,200
Record: 6-1-0RecordRecord: 10-4-0
-200Vegas Odds+170
4/10Lineup Pool4/10
Gina MazanyvsShanna Young
$8,900DFS Salary$7,300
Record: 7-5-0RecordRecord: 8-5-0
-190Vegas Odds+160
5/10Lineup Pool3/10
Tatsuro TairavsCarlos Candelario
$9,200DFS Salary$7,000
Record: 10-0-0RecordRecord: 8-1-0
-240Vegas Odds+195
5/10Lineup Pool5/10
#N/ADFS Salary#N/A
#N/AVegas Odds#N/A
2/10Lineup Pool6/10


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