The UFC keeps the train rolling with another Fight Night offering this week. That means risky favorites and live underdogs for MMA DFS. You’ll need to lean into some variance and hit on the dogs that come through to take down tournaments. The MMA DFS Playbook features the top UFC Vegas 55 DFS plays, DFS picks, and stacking opportunities to help you cash in big tonight.



MMA DFS Playbook for UFC Vegas 55

Main Event
Holly Holm vs Ketlen Vieira9100/7100-Stackability: Moderate-250/ +200+330/+500
In a title shot eliminator we have two less than thrilling fighters. Holm is a sharp boxer and great athlete. She’ll dance around Vieira if she doesn’t get taken down. Vieira has a ground game but doesn’t rely on it enough. She’s been picked apart on the feet and not done enough to stop it. It’s a fine stack given that it’s very likely going the full five. Hopefully we get a decent pace.
Jailton Almeida9400Parker PorterSomewhat-Safe-600-280
The biggest favorite of the night will also be the DFS chalk. Porter is tough cat but he gets hit much too easily and there’s only so much the human body can take. Barring a lapse in grappling defense Almeida cruises.
Junyong Park9000Eryk AndersSomewhat-Safe-205+250
The Iron Turtle gets a cushy match up here. Anders has some name recognition but doesn’t deliver much danger in fight. Park should be able to lean on him and might even snare a submission if we’re lucky.
Jonathan Martinez8900Vince MoralesModerate-240+330
JMart will hold his usual edge in the range striking game. He hasn’t been consistent in the UFC, however. His best path to DFS value is to land something clean early or chop Morales down with leg kicks as many others have before.
Chidi Njokuani8700Dusko TodorovicModerate-250-105
Chidi Bang Bang burst onto the UFC scene after a middling career abroad with a KO of the very durable Marc Andre-Berrault. He’ll have a shot to repeat that against the very upright Todorovic IF he can stay off his back. Takedown defense was one of the things that had held him back thus far.
Tabatha Ricci8300Polyana VianaModerate-135+250
Ricci is the rightful favorite given that she will have a gameplan and look to grapple. Viana is a wildcard but very much a beatable opponent for Ricci. If she dominates with wrestling it could mean solid DFS points.
Omar Morales8400Uros MedicSomewhat-Risky-140+140
If Medic can’t land a big shot early he’s in big trouble. Morales has tight kickboxing and will work angles until you’re black and blue in the face. Medic wilted in his last fight when Jalin Turner was ready for the early barrage. Let’s see if Omar can duplicate that success.
Joseph Holmes8800Alen AmedovskiSomewhat-Risky-195-105
It’s not that I’m so interested in Holmes. More that you have to be on anyone facing Amedovski. He got a contract for European cards and they haven’t happened since the pandemic. Now the UFC just has to feed him to some other low ranked name.
Felipe Colares8600Chase HooperSomewhat-Risky-170+225
When fighting Chase Hooper you need to do two things. Stay off the mat to avoid grappling exchanges and just fire 1-2s down the pipe at his chin. He wasn’t ready for the UFC and has been accumulating huge damage. That chin is very cracked.
Michel Pereira8200Santiago PonzinibbioSomewhat-Risky-140+275
We’ve seen a more focused Pereira and that’s a scary thing. His antics were the main thing holding him back. He’s a monster for the weight, well-rounded, and has big power. He also seems to have shored up his gas tank. He’s a legit contender and Ponz is a quality name to beat.
Santiago Ponzinibbio8000Michel PereiraRisky+120+350
After a long layoff Ponz is rounding back into form, if a slightly more shot version of himself. He’s still got heart and some tricks up his sleeve. The chin and damage are wearing down though. He can only eat so much before Pereira is all over him. Unless he manages to gas out the Brazilian and come on late.
Vince Morales7300Jonathan MartinezSomewhat-Risky+195+140
Morales is a gritty vet that has to push through the technical disadvantages he gives up to most opponents. That makes him a very live dog because he has the heart and toughness to do just that. 
Dusko Todorovic7500Chidi NjokuaniSomewhat-Risky+200 
The UFC run for Dusko has been largely a disappointing one. He’s getting hit cleanly far too often and paying the price. Maybe that forces him to lean into his quality ground game against an opponent that’s struggled in the grappling department.
Chase Hooper7600Felipe ColaresRisky+150+380
We only play Hooper as an underdog. His rush into the UFC has left him shell-shocked and his chin is highly suspect. The kid has heart, though. He’s continued to find sneaky submissions to bail himself out when the fire gets hottest. Colares isn’t someone that is immune to such a turn of events in a fight he’s winning.
Uros Medic7800Omar MoralesRisky+120+200
Medic comes out and turns up the heat. That melts some opponents but got him in big trouble against Jalin Turner. Morales is a quality kickboxer and not usually someone you can overwhelm on the feet. His struggles were in the endurance department but that was down a weight class.
Parker Porter6800Jailton AlmeidaRisky+435+700
Porter will need all of his toughness in this tilt. He’s got it in spades but it’s going to be ugly. If he can get Almeida to gas out and then put him on his back he might be in business.
Polyana Viana7900Tabatha RicciRisky+115+300
Viana seems impossible to handicap. We expect her to cruise and she gets dominated by a weak opponent. Then she comes out and pulls off surprising upsets. Her BJJ is high level and that’s what makes her dangerous. Women’s MMA and arm bars from bottom go together like peas and carrots.
Alen Amedovski7400Joseph HolmesRisky+165+300
As terrible as Amedovski is, Holmes is very green. There’s some small chance he decides to brawl and gets winged.


MMA DFS Example Lineup for UFC Vegas 55


Live Dogs for UFC Vegas 55

Viera, Morales, Todorovic, Hooper, Medic, Porter, Viana


Stats & Picks for UFC Vegas 55

Holly HolmvsKetlen Vieira
$9,100DFS Salary$7,100
Record: 14-5-0RecordRecord: 12-2-0
-250Vegas Odds+200
4/10Lineup Pool4/10
Santiago PonzinibbiovsMichel Pereira
$8,000DFS Salary$8,200
Record: 29-5-0RecordRecord: 27-11-0 (2 NC)
+120Vegas Odds-140
4/10Lineup Pool5/10
Chidi NjokuanivsDusko Todorovic
$8,700DFS Salary$7,500
Record: 21-7-0 (1 NC)RecordRecord: 11-2-0
-250Vegas Odds+200
5/10Lineup Pool5/10
Polyana VianavsTabatha Ricci
$7,900DFS Salary$8,300
Record: 12-4-0RecordRecord: 6-1-0
+115Vegas Odds-135
3/10Lineup Pool5/10
Eryk AndersvsJunyong Park
$7,200DFS Salary$9,000
Record: 14-6-0 (1 NC)RecordRecord: 13-5-0
+160Vegas Odds-205
3/10Lineup Pool25/10
Joseph HolmesvsAlen Amedovski
$8,800DFS Salary$7,400
Record: 7-2-0RecordRecord: 8-2-0
-195Vegas Odds+165
4/10Lineup Pool4/10
Jailton AlmeidavsParker Porter
$9,400DFS Salary$6,800
Record: 15-2-0RecordRecord: 13-6-0
-600Vegas Odds+435
7/10Lineup Pool3/10
Omar MoralesvsUros Medic
$8,400DFS Salary$7,800
Record: 11-2-0RecordRecord: 7-1-0
-140Vegas Odds+120
5/10Lineup Pool5/10
Jonathan MartinezvsVince Morales
$8,900DFS Salary$7,300
Record: 15-4-0RecordRecord: 11-5-0
-240Vegas Odds+195
4/10Lineup Pool4/10
Chase HoopervsFelipe Colares
$7,600DFS Salary$8,600
Record: 10-2-1RecordRecord: 10-3-0
+150Vegas Odds-170
4/10Lineup Pool4/10
Elise ReedvsSam Hughes
$8,500DFS Salary$7,700
Record: 5-1-0RecordRecord: 6-4-0
-155Vegas Odds+135
4/10Lineup Pool4/10

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