The UFC gives us an afternoon card this week with UFC Vegas 56 getting underway at 1 pm ET on Saturday, June 4. There's nothing wrong with some mid-day MMA DFS lineups, though, and that's what we have on DraftKings and FanDuel! Check out this UFC DFS playbook and example daily fantasy lineups before the fight card gets going. The heavyweight bout between Alexander Volkov and Jairzinho Rozenstruik headlines the slate as the main event of UFC Vegas 56. There are plenty of live underdogs, though, so don’t feel the need to reach on any particular matchup. Check out all of the latest UFC Vegas 56 odds, stats, predictions, and matchup breakdowns for the entire fight card below. Now let's look at some UFC DFS top picks and plays for Saturday's UFC Vegas 56 event. Good luck in your MMA daily fantasy lineups!


MMA DFS Playbook for UFC Vegas 55

Main Event
Alexander Volkov vs Jairzinho Rozenstruik8600/7600-Stackability: Moderate-160/ +140+250/+180
These two almost contenders will look to make some waves in the rankings at the expense of one another. Both are coming off losses. Both are solid vets. Volkov will have his usual length advantage and then some against the six-foot Jair. Rozenstruik will bide his time looking to land that one-hitter quitter. If that comes before the third he's a fantasy hit. If not it isn't guaranteed value. That makes Volkov the side to favor for volume and occasional grappling.
Erin Blanchfield9600JJ AldrichSomewhat-Safe-510+250
The UFC may have found their next hype train in Blanchfield. She tore through Invicta at a young age and hasn't slowed down in the UFC. She's got strong grappling which will be tested her against the sound Aldrich. It should be a good opportunity to see how solid her striking is.
Damon Jackson9500Dan ArguetaSomewhat-Safe-600-150
Jackson has quietly been on a tear. He's only lost to solid UFC competition and he's beaten some good names. Argueta is coming in on short notice, up a weight class, and will wrestle right into Jackson BJJ danger zone.
Movsar Evloev9400Dan IgeSomewhat-Safe-425+380
It's been a smart progression for Evloev, who came in as a polished prospect. He has all the tools to beat Ige. The one concern is that previous wrestlers have pushed takedowns and chokes at him with moderate success. That means they delayed their own losing but still, Evloev was in some hairy spots.
Rinat Fakhretdinov9200Andreas MichailidisModerate-265-110
Rinat's 20-2 record is fairly manufactured with only a couple of recognizable names and those being UFC cast-offs. I try not to hold that against fighters too strongly since they are occasionally tigers waiting to be uncaged. It's still a concern at this price, however.
Jeff Molina9000Zhalgas ZhumagulovModerate-180+275
What is there not to like about Molina? He's all action, using pace to break his opponents will. Tough as nails too if things do get scrappy. Double Z is equally scrappy and will give him his best test to date. It's going to be hard to take a decision from Molina so you better finish him.
Tony Gravely8400Johnny MunozModerate-135+175
We love Gravely for his output, his wrestling, and his ever improving striking. What we don't love is his occasional defensive shortcomings. Going to hard has burned him in the past. Munoz is outgunned everywhere in this fight but may be able to snag a neck or arm. Otherwise is all Grav(el)y.
Joe Solecki8800Alex Da SilvaSomewhat-Risky-165+200
We still haven't seen the best version of Joe Solecki and he's taking lessons from some great fighters in the Octagon. He should be able to break Da Silva with pace. If that comes via an early sub he'll be a smash play.
Alonzo Menifield8700Askar MozharovSomewhat-Risky-250-190
The UFC owes Mozharov a fight for him trying to get a short notice visa. They don't owe him an easy one, though. Zo has continued to improve his MMA game. His endurance is better and he can defend a takedown a bit now. His power is show-stopping and should be on display.
Ode Osbourne8900Zarrukh AdashevSomewhat-Risky-190+165
If Ode doesn't walk into a haymaker he should be able to grapple with Adashev and probably submit the shorter man.
Benoit Saint Denis8500Niklas StolzeSomewhat-Risky#N/A#N/A
Germany vs France is a great world cup match. Not the best MMA fight, though. Saint Denis is getting a bit of a rub coming on short notice and getting shellacked by Elizeu Zaleski.
Karine Silva8200Poliana BotelhoRisky-125+275
Silva may be a decent UFC fighter, we just don't know yet. Botehlo is likely getting cut with a loss. At the price, it's worth a stab.
Zhalgas Zhumagulov7200Jeff MolinaSomewhat-Risky+155+400
ZZ is slightly overlooked at this price. He's the veteran and a hard nut to crack. Most fighters break themselves on him but Molina may be a special one.
Alex Da Silva7400Joe SoleckiSomewhat-Risky+145+275
Da Silva's bitten off more than he can chew in the UFC for the most part. This is a more appropriate test but still a dangerous spot. He'll have to get it done early and that makes him an interesting GPP play.
Dan Ige6800Movsar EvloevRisky+320+800
The line is probably too wide for someone in Ige that has shown a consistent ability to outperform his athletic shortfalls. His main path to a big upset is to get things on the mat and work a choke. Evloev has been put in danger there by other vets during his UFC run.
Johnny Munoz7800Tony GravelyRisky#N/A#N/A
We always want some exposure to the other side of a Gravely fight for the volume and variant nature. Munoz probably needs to sub Gravely to win but that's not out of the question given how hard Tony pushes the pace. That leaves openings for opponents.
Andreas Michailidis7000Rinat FakhretdinovRisky+215+450
The most intriguing thing here is Michailidis's drop down to 170. He's a journeyman but well-rounded. We've seen Russian debuts go poorly before, as well.
Niklas Stolze7700Benoit Saint DenisRisky+135+300
Stolze isn't long for the UFC but he may find a way against Saint Denis. The Frenchman has plenty of holes in his striking the Stolze can exploit.
Karolina Kowalkiewicz7900Felice HerrigRisky-105+500
KK just can't walk away from the UFC checks. She's beaten Herrig before and knows the formula is stuff takedowns and piece her up. That was a lifetime ago, though.
JJ Aldrich6600Erin BlanchfieldRisky+375+800
Can Blanchfield still thrive when her grappling edge isn't there? That's what Aldrich is hoping to find out. She has underrated takedown defense and is a gritty vet. It's also women's MMA so it's the spot to play some underdogs.

MMA DFS Example Lineup for UFC Vegas 55


UFC Vegas 56 Live Dogs

Rozenstruik, Zhumagulov, Da Silva, Ige, Munoz, Michailidis, Aldrich, Kowalkiewicz

UFC Vegas 56 Stats, Picks & Predictions

Alexander VolkovvsJairzinho Rozenstruik
$8,600DFS Salary$7,600
Record: 34-10-0RecordRecord: 12-3-0
-160Vegas Odds+140
6/10Lineup Pool4/10
Dan IgevsMovsar Evloev
$6,800DFS Salary$9,400
Record: 15-5-0RecordRecord: 15-0-0
+320Vegas Odds-425
4/10Lineup Pool6/10
Michael TrizanovsLucas Almeida
$9,100DFS Salary$7,100
Record: 10-2-0RecordRecord: 12-1-0
-225Vegas Odds+185
4/10Lineup Pool4/10
Karine SilvavsPoliana Botelho
$8,200DFS Salary$8,000
Record: 14-4-0RecordRecord: 8-4-0
-125Vegas Odds+105
5/10Lineup Pool3/10
Ode OsbournevsZarrukh Adashev
$8,900DFS Salary$7,300
Record: 10-4-0 (1 NC)RecordRecord: 4-3-0
-190Vegas Odds+160
5/10Lineup Pool24/10
Alonzo MenifieldvsAskar Mozharov
$8,700DFS Salary$7,500
Record: 11-3-0RecordRecord: 19-12-0
-250Vegas Odds+200
5/10Lineup Pool3/10
Felice HerrigvsKarolina Kowalkiewicz
$8,300DFS Salary$7,900
Record: 14-9-0RecordRecord: 12-7-0
-115Vegas Odds-105
4/10Lineup Pool4/10
Joe SoleckivsAlex Da Silva
$8,800DFS Salary$7,400
Record: 11-3-0RecordRecord: 21-3-0
-165Vegas Odds+145
5/10Lineup Pool5/10
Damon JacksonvsDan Argueta
$9,500DFS Salary$6,700
Record: 20-4-1 (1 NC)RecordRecord: 8-0-0
-600Vegas Odds+435
7/10Lineup Pool2/10
Niklas StolzevsBenoit Saint Denis
$7,700DFS Salary$8,500
Record: 12-5-0RecordRecord: 8-1-0 (1 NC)
+135Vegas Odds#N/A
4/10Lineup Pool4/10
Johnny MunozvsTony Gravely
$7,800DFS Salary$8,400
Record: 11-1-0RecordRecord: 22-7-0
#N/AVegas Odds-135
3/10Lineup Pool7/10
Jeff MolinavsZhalgas Zhumagulov
$9,000DFS Salary$7,200
Record: 10-2-0RecordRecord: 14-6-0
-180Vegas Odds+155
6/10Lineup Pool4/10
Rinat FakhretdinovvsAndreas Michailidis
$9,200DFS Salary$7,000
Record: 18-1-0RecordRecord: 13-5-0
-265Vegas Odds+215
4/10Lineup Pool4/10


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