Pretty rough week across the board for tight ends on the main slate (none of Mark Andrews - TE1, Kyle Pitts - TE3, and Travis Kelce TE-6) were on the main slate.  We did nail down Hunter Henry as the TE5 on the week (and a 5.27X value) while Evan Engram, Mike Gesicki , and Darren Waller got a serviceable job done.  Plus our Dart Throw Ricky-Seals Jones came through with 3.64X points as the TE8 on the main slate.  Not a bad week at all.  But now on to 

As a reminder, here is how we separate the groups here.  We do it this way so that you have an option no matter how much (or how little) money you have available to spend on tight end.  

Top Tier:  the safest and most expensive guys available if you want to pay up

Mid Tier: affordable players...